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The exhibitor shall be provided with raw equipped (stand on turn-key conditions) exhibition space in accordance with the confirmed application. Orders for mounting, dismantling and design of the exhibitor’s stand and other kinds of work connected with installation of standard scheme booths shall be performed by EXPOCENTER’S constructor-in-chief – ZAO “ExpoConsta”(hereinafter referred to as ExpoConsta, see Sector 6).


1. Mounting, dismantling and design of stands shall be carried out by ExpoConsta, the constructor-in-chief on the territory of EXPOCENTR fairgrounds .

The exhibitors may employ third-party organizations (constructors) to carry out mounting, dismantling and design of stands or undertake it entirely and have obtained a written consent of ExpoConsta (Enclosure №2, “Permitting Regulations of Mounting of Non-standard and Exclusive Stands at Exhibitions Held on EXPOCENTR’s fairgrounds”, and Enclosure №3, “Regulations of Electrical Installations at Exhibitors’s Stands”)

2. Mounting regulations

ExpoConsta’s permission is required when mounting stands higher than 2,5 meters and placing various advertising plants. The permission shall be given providing the exhibitor furnishes complete technical documentation. The maximum allowed height of stands including additional constructions is 6 meters.

All high-altitude works shall be performed by ExpoConsta only and may be ordered using Forms 4, 4A and 4B.

Electric services (connection of exhibitors’ stands and exhibits to power generation sources), work connected with compressed air and plumbing services shall be performed by EXPOCENTR’s specialists only.

It shall be prohibited:

  • to carry out mounting of building constructions in areas of allocation of board power panels, structural actuator accesses, fire fighting equipment and other engineering equipment;
  • to bring woodworking equipment and saw-timber, to carry out sawing, planning and other woodwork connected with production of a stand’s components;
  • to varnish and paint if it is connected with covering the whole construction of an assembling stand;
  • to apply paint, varnish, glue or other coat difficult to remove to the floor, walls and pillars of any pavilion;
  • to drill holes in the floor, walls and pillars .

3. Allocation and maintenance of stands, constructions and exhibits.

All temporary structures and the stand shall be set up within the boundaries of the area allotted to the exhibitor.


Definition of Non-standard and Exclusive Exhibition Stand:

1. Non-standard stand: any stand higher than 2,5 meters custom-made of non-standard exhibition elements and equipped with original furniture and electrical equipment.

2. Exclusive stand: any stand custom-made of non-standard exhibition systems, elements and materials using special creative and technological solutions, which are not subject to duplication.

To receive the permission to carry out the installation, the exhibitor or his contractor shall provide ExpoConsta with the following documents by the following date:

- 45 days prior to the beginning of the mounting of stands :

- a letter about the stand construction;

- a license to carry out electric installation and other engineering work;

- a stand scheme made in the isometric projection;

- Form 6 and 6A for the two-storey stand;

- a certificate for a load-bearing unit for the two-storey stand;

- a computing for the load-bearing unit of the two-storey stand with an attached position

plan of construction elements;

- a 1:100 scale drawing, witch indicates all sizes of the stand elements, with sectional views, signed by the designer in charge and stamped by the company, which carried out the project of the stand;

- electrical specifications indicating necessary power load, lay-outs of exhibition stand indicating locations of electric power and lighting installations (fill Form 3);

- a list (made on the company's form) of electricians taking part in the installation of the stand signed by the company's head;

- permission of the fire department №160. (phone: +7 495 259 13 12)

ExpoConsta shall reserve the right to request additional information connected with stand installation safety.

The exhibitor or his contractor (fill Form 1 and Form 1A) shall have a letter of attorney that allows him to sign the Agreement of chargeable of technical control services and the Act compliance of the presented documentation with the General Terms of Participation.


1. Electrical installation requirements

1.1. Only companies and organisations licensed to conduct electrical installations can be assigned with carrying out such services at exhibitors' stands.

1.2. Electrical installation and maintenance of the equipment at exhibitors' stands can be carried out only by persons complying with the professional requirements and qualified according to electrical safety standards (corresponding to the 3rd or higher grade of the Russian electrical safety standard).

1.10. The supply cable for the 380/220W leading-in device (power panel) of the exposition stand must be five-wire. The lines of single-phased electric wiring must be three-wire. It is permitted to use four-wire cable if the thread section is not less than 10 mm2 along copper.

The stand hardware must have neutral earthling according to PUE requirements.

1.12. All stands must be equipped with power panels with RSD (residual current protective device) according to PUE requirements and with proper design load of extra current and overload protective devices installed separately for the lighting network and the power supply for equipment, as well as stand-by equipment which is permanently switched on (such as fax machines, refrigerators etc.).

1.15. Upon completion if installation work and presenting the Report of the conformity of the technical documentation and of Installation Work conducted by Constructor at Exhibition signed by ExpoConsta, representative of EXPOCENTR’s Energocentr must check the quality of the installation and connect the installed equipment to the power supply sources of EXPOCENTR fairgrounds according to the layout (fill out the form 3).

* ZAO “ExpoConsta” can give main switch board with residual current protective devise on a commercial basis for the period of an exhibition. Orders can be submitted on Form 5 and 5A.

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